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Neo Influencer Management

20-Point Instagram Audit

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A deep dive review of your Instagram!

Our deep dive Instagram review is a detailed analysis of  all aspects of your profile - totalling a whopping 20 areas of interest!

This audit is perfect for those influencers who seem to be "stuck" or are unsure of why their Instagram is not growing.

We will create a bespoke and tailored action plan specifically personalised to your profile and areas of success and improvement.

How does it work?

  1. Within 3-5 days of purchasing your Instagram Audit, we will send you:
  • Your Instagram audit completed by Neo IM, which will show the areas of your profile in which you are succeeding and those that need a boost
  • A fully realised Action Plan for you to work on independently, which will include at least one action for each of the areas of your profile that could do with a boost or changing
  • Access to our Telegram Engagement Group
  • Access to our exclusive Telegram Support Group