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Neo Influencer Management

Deluxe Exclusive Plan

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The whole package!

Our Deluxe Plan is perfect for Influencers who have developed their social media presence and are looking for a more in-depth and personalised client management.

We will provide you with the tools and resources to be able to source and secure brand collaborations, and help you to keep your social media presence and engagement above average.

The DELUXE Plan includes:

  • Representation by Neo IM

  • Neo's Quintessential Guide to Online Influencing (see below for details)
  • Neo IM 2022 exclusive Brand PR List (100+ contacts)
  • Brand outreach email templates (tried, tested and successful!)
  • Monthly check-ins to ensure you are staying on-track with your content strategy
  • We can contact brands on your behalf, pitch you to brands directly and respond to collaboration messages / emails requests
  • 2x FREE Deep Dive profile audits per year - you choose when to have them
  • Plan & Track Workbook (six templates to help you progress and grow)
  • Social Media Strategy Planning Booklet - and support in completing it
  • Hashtag Bank (500 Hashtags)
  • Personalised bio revamp
  • Instagram highlight covers
  • Event invites and notifications (where relevant)
  • Posted onto our Instagram feed as a VIP #newface of Neo!
  • Featured on our website Client page for brands to see
  • Regular story shoutouts
  • Regular reposts onto our Instagram page
  • 20% off all current and future products and services
  • Welcome phone call from the owner of Neo IM, Sarah Lucia
  • Access to our exclusive #neofam Whatsapp group for VIP announcements
  • Access to our exclusive #neofam Telegram support group
  • Access to our Telegram engagement group
  • Unlimited 1-1 support
  • Regular information & Industry updates

REFERRAL PROGRAM: Every Neo client gets a personalised referral code. Each time one of your friends signs up to our Advanced or Deluxe Plan with your code, they get £5-10 off and YOU get £5 CASH!

- - - - 

Neo's guide is the ONLY Influencer guide you need!

"The guide contains everything you could possibly need to know about starting an influencer journey or improving on one already started." ~ Toni Wade (@flamingcopper)

Our Quintessential Guide To Online Influencing is not just any guide. It is designed to be used as a programme / course for you to work through at your own pace!

Our guide is packed to the brim with 111 pages of educational, industry-standard information!

  • 36 topics covering absolutely everything you need to know about online influencing.
  • Discover how to monetise your Influencer presence through a whopping 25-pages all about collaborations!
  • Learn how to create a lasting first impression, the psychology of personal branding, and how to gain (and retain) a loyal audience.
    • How to plan and create your content - including 100 content ideas and hashtag strategies.
    • Useful worksheets to accompany your progress through the guide
    • Plus, a LOT more...

    We really do want your to achieve your full potential in your Influencing career, and following this step-by-step guide will launch you into the right space to be able to do just that!

    "In the guide, everything is nicely explained from a to z. There is so much information that I did not know and has come in handy for my future work." ~ Matea Vrljic (@mateasmakeup_)

    How does it work?

    1. Within 48-hours of purchasing the Deluxe Plan, you will receive a confirmation email with your profile form, which we ask all influencers to complete.

    2. Once we have received your completed profile form, we will send you an email which will include all services, products and access included in your plan (see above)

    If you are under 18 years of age and wish to apply for the Standard Membership Plan, please ensure you have permission from your parents / guardians first.