Influencer Space

Influencers are able to work with Neo IM via a variety of routes.

1. We offer development programmes, resources and services for those wanting to progress their own way, but with our help and support.

2. We offer three membership plans for influencers at different stages in their journey, who would like to have the expertise, knowledge and experience of Neo IM to help coach, guide and represent them to brands. Please note that we are currently only accepting UK-based influencers onto our Membership plans.


  • Influencer Development & Coaching

    Our large selection of products, services and resources are designed for Influencers who are not yet ready for official signage under Neo Influencer Management, but who still want to utilise our knowledge, expertise and opportunities.

  • Become An Official Neo IM Client

    We offer three membership plans for Influencers at all stages of their journey. There is something for everyone!