What do we do?

We are a UK-based influencer management service, which specialises in helping to establish influencers within their niche. We are completely inclusive and accept influencers from all backgrounds and abilities.

We connect brands with influencers to create high-quality organic influencer marketing campaigns. Whether your brand is looking for influencers for a social media campaign, an advertisement or an event, we can deliver to your requirements and ensure you receive a quality service from our influencers.

Why choose Neo IM?

The owner of Neo IM, Sarah Lucia has worked in the Influencing Industry for over 5 years, with 90+ brands (including many high-profile brands). In that time, she has helped over 1000 influencers and bloggers to launch, develop and establish themselves within their niche.

We offer a range of products and services to influencers, from media kit creation and our Quintessential Guide to Online Influencing and engagement courses to Instagram reviews - and more. We do not guarantee secured brand collaborations, but instead commit to ensuring you have the tools and knowledge available to you to be able to manage your own social media Influencing career, with our support.


    Become a signed and represented Neo client or take advantage of our bespoke and personalised services and products.

    For Influencers 

    We can connect you with the perfect Influencers for your brand and create beautiful influencer marketing campaigns.

    For Brands